Thai Life Insurance 'Silence of Love' Commercial

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Thai Life Insurance - Silence of Love

There are no perfect fathers. But a father will always love perfectly. “Silence of Love”, as the commercial is titled, heartbreakingly reminds its viewers to recollect to tend to the individuals who look after you. The commercial is from Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, and indicates how a young lady is cowed and disparaged for having a deaf father. She begins to carry on by battling different understudies and slighting her father and soon falls into sadness. The commercial strikes right where it harms the most; engaging its viewers feeling and closure on an unimaginably dismal note. In general, Silence of Love is a grasping, genuine advertisement that conveys on various passionate levels, regardless of twist ending.

Silence of love shows the lives of young girl and her deaf father. She was often bullied by her friends at school because of lack of her father. Hatred to his father growing, yet she feels guilty and sinful. On her birthday, she try to commit suicide, the father who knows the incident immediately took him to the hospital. He begs the doctors to save her life, although it should donate his blood though.

In summary, 'Silence of Love' succeeded as an advertisement not only in the business aspect, but also a moral message to be conveyed. The commercial managed to steal the attention and became viral on the internet because it contains the message to love those who care for you. Silence of love will continue to stick in their viewer's hearts.