Arsenal Football Club Is Our Name

Daftar isi [Buka]

We are sad, we are down, everyone laugh us to the ground.
We are hurt, we are mad, all of us says that this is bad.
Wenger out, Wenger in, I don’t know where to begin.
We buy players to score goals, but not to fill our empty holes.
Buy a defender would do good, buy a defensive midfielder we should.
We need to score goals to win, but defend our own goal is where to begin.
The team will fight, every night and at the end, it will look bright.
To be a fan of Arsenal can be tough, we need to stand by our club, that's enough.
Support your team in any occasion, everyday and at every location.
Scream for the Arsenal, scream the name, support the team in every game.
If we loose, win or if we tie, we are all Arsenal till we die.
Hold together, hold on tight, cheer together in the night.
Love the team, love the game, Arsenal Football Club is our name.

Come On You Gunners!

* * *

Source: Arsenal poets and Getty Image.