Pond's Flawless White "Love Conquers All"

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Illustration: Fbcoverstreet.com

Pond's is one of the few brands that, even in times of recession, remains the leader in the cosmetic business. Is Pond's and what it stands for the same as it was decades ago? Due the limitations of this article, it is possible to answer these questions.

The main of my article, directly following this introduction will consist of a watching close of tetralogy selected Pond's TV commercials, the title is "Pond's Flawless White: Love Conquers All".

The item backs the story line that this item makes rose's face ended up brighter and more excellent, and it makes the man that was so perplexed with his mother now when rose uses the item and get to be exceptionally lovely and the man gets to be overcome with his mother and declines what his mother requested to him.

Check the videos out.

Episode 1: Tom and Rose (Bow Benchawan Artner) are youthful in love. Suddenly, Tom's mother torches a building (probably Rose's home or a school building) and grabs Tom away. After six years, Rose being a teacher. Tom and his mother seem to serve a 7 day notice of ousting on the school building. After wathcing the commercial, Rose decides to uses Pond's Flawless White.

Episode 2: Tom and Rose hang out in the old neighborhood. Tragically, Tom's mom's bodyguard got this blameless hike on tape and quickly displayed verification of the growing companionship to Tom's mother. An enormous sign for a golf club is raised close to the school building and Rose slaps Tom to demonstrate her objection.

Episode 3: Tom tries to say sorry however Rose rebukes his advances. Rose and the children sign an appeal to spare their school building and present this to Tom, who thusly exhibits it to his mother, who instantly shreds it to pieces. The school building smolders a second time.

Episode 4: Tom and his mother come to survey the buldozer. Tom's mom requests that the same tree where Tom and Rose cut loose as children be struck down. Rose runs towards the tree, hustling with the bulldozer to spare the tree. She is just about struck by the bulldozer yet is spared by Tom without a moment to spare. Suddenly, Tom's mom changes her mind. Tom and Rose live happily ever after.

It meets expectations on the grounds that there's a scene when rose uses the item and we can look huge transforms from the first occasion when we saw rose's face until the end of the story in this promotion.

The sound and the video facilitate one another on the grounds that when a piece of the scene's pitiful the sound that they indicate matches, it makes the people who sees this advertisement can find the importance in this commercial.

The commercial series reflect the brand's personality and image the concept "white is beautiful" that also can entertain the audiences with love drama.

This commercial series use a number "7" which has a different meaning: The item can fades away dark spots and makes Rose's face brighter in 7 days and in 7 days likewise, the town that rose and her parents stay will be devastate by the man's organization.


Pond's Flawless White "Love Conquers All" series attempt to tell the people that "white is excellence" or "white is beautiful", because everybody know particularly Asian's women think white skin is magnificence and numerous ladies truly need have a flawless face, and this commercial utilize a title of this promotion with word flawless.